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Adam Page, James Brown, John Psathas | The Harvest - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Adam Page, James Brown, John Psathas | The Harvest - downloadable MP3 ALBUM




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Adam Page (saxophone)
James Brown (guitar)
John Psathas (production & composition)

The Harvest is comprised of two suites, two continuous 30-minute compositions broken into 8 and 9 parts respectively. The Harvest Suite (composed by Adam Page and John Psathas) features Adam on solo tenor saxophone played through various looping pedals and effects, while Like Picking Fruit is a duet with James Brown on guitar. Both suites are a deft, and at times near-invisible blending of composition and improvisation, and together they produce an album of rare honesty.

"I spent our studio time in awe of James and Adam. Listening to them go into those remote unchartered territories during the recording of Like Picking Fruit was something I'll never forget. They'd come out of the studio with a look in their eyes like explorers returning from months in the wilderness. And what a unique piece it is, rich and ingenious, fearless and uncompromising, but mostly, phenomenally musical." – John Psathas

Track listing:

  1. The Harvest Suite Pt1, The Seed in the Wind 07:22
  2. The Harvest Suite Pt2, The Seed in the Storm 05:26
  3. The Harvest Suite Pt3, The Couple's Prelude 01:38
  4. The Harvest Suite Pt4, The Couple 02:45
  5. The Harvest Suite Pt5, The Couple's Trust 02:48
  6. The Harvest Suite Pt6, The Couple's Etude 02:33
  7. The Harvest Suite Pt7, The Seed Meets the Soil 03:20
  8. The Harvest Suite Pt8, The Weight of the Seedling 01:21
  9. Like Picking Fruit Pt1, Prelude 04:29
  10. Like Picking Fruit Pt2, Dawn 02:35
  11. Like Picking Fruit Pt3, Mist 03:46
  12. Like Picking Fruit Pt4, Cede 05:03
  13. Like Picking Fruit Pt5, Condense 02:03
  14. Like Picking Fruit Pt6, Dusk 01:09
  15. Like Picking Fruit Pt7, Recede 02:05
  16. The Harvest Suite Pt8, Roots 03:14
  17. Like Picking Fruit Pt9, Coda 05:12


Publisher note

Rattle Records/SOUNZ licence: available to download