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Hip Flask | 2 - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Hip Flask | 2 - downloadable MP3 ALBUM




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Hip Flask is an Australasian ensemble formed in the early 2000s by Kiwi saxophonist, Roger Manins. Their first album was recorded in 2001, but not released in New Zealand until 2005 (by Ode Records on their Manu Jazz label). The new recording, 2 (a title conceived with tongue firmly in cheek), features the same line-up of Australian jazz heavy-weights, with whom Roger obviously shares an enthusiastic love for blues-based jazz. Driven by killer grooves and an unapologetic love melody, 2 is an album that will appeal to a wide range of jazz aficionados.

"I have always been aware that a lot of jazz music doesn’t go down too well with the next-door neighbour. With Hip Flask (One) I wrote some real simple tunes, but got some real complicated musicians to play them. The focus of the music is the groove, and the blues, and I have endeavoured with this recording to create music that both the jazz lover and the next-door neighbour will enjoy."
– Roger Manins

Track listing:

  1. Droop Blues 08:00
  2. Shallow Steve 07:29
  3. Revolution 04:28
  4. Huffle Shuffle 07:51
  5. The Beauty in Their Eyes 05:49
  6. Circles and Clouds 05:50
  7. Lancelot Link, Missing Chimp 04:57
  8. Sninam 10:20
  9. Bennett's Radio Blues 06:06
  10. Shuffle the Deck 05:17
  11. John Scon 07:31
  12. Hip Flask 07:11
  13. Victoria 07:42
  14. Big Sis # 2 08:01
  15. Bang 08:47
  16. Impulse 09:37
  17. Jacqueline Grace 07:22
  18. Big Sis # 1 07:25


Publisher note

Rattle Records/SOUNZ licence: available to download