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Reuben Bradley | Cthulhu Rising - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

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Reuben Bradley | Cthulhu Rising - downloadable MP3 ALBUM




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Reuben Bradley (drums) Taylor Eigsti (piano) Matt Penman (bass)

Dark and mystical, the nightmarish tales of famed horror author H. P. Lovecraft set the tone for Reuben Bradley’s bold new album on Rattle Jazz

Cthulhu Rising employs a musical language that is markedly different to those demonstrated on Reuben's previous Rattle Jazz releases, the Tui Award-winning Resonator (2011) and the Tui nominated Mantis: The Music of Drew Menzies (2012). Featuring two-time Grammy-nominated pianist Taylor Eigsti (USA), and equally renowned ex-pat bass player Matt Penman (NZ/USA), this new album is a treat for lovers of beautifully constructed, superbly played contemporary jazz.

“To me, Lovecraft’s ability to cascade a reader into unexpected places has distinct parallels in the modern form of jazz,” says Bradley. “I really wanted to explore that with this album.” The compositions themselves are mostly through-composed, creating an atmosphere that puts listeners in ‘the space’ as much as in the notes. Using the rhythm and articulation of key quotes from the stories, soothing waves are punctuated by odd phrases, and there’s a sense of fantasy and demise that Lovecraft fans will savour, and jazz fans will relish.

Augmenting Reuben's dark and edgy drumming, Taylor Eigsti’s lyrical virtuosity on piano and Matt Penman's graceful precision on bass compliment the contemporary breadth and depth of Reuben's complex but always engaging (at times witty) compositions.

  • Rattle Records

Track listing:

  1. Prologue 01:11
  2. Clay Horror 07:36
  3. Inspector le Grasse 07:14
  4. Johansen's Voyage 05:22
  5. The Price We Pay 05:27
  6. In His House at R'lyeh 02:42
  7. The Esoteric Order of Dagon 05:01
  8. NZRA01500082 - Cthulhu Fhtagn 02:37
  9. Erich Zahn 05:11
  10. Shadow Out of Time 07:51
  11. Epilogue 02:51


Publisher note

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