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Jeff Henderson, Marilyn Crispell and Richard Nunns | This Appearing World - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Jeff Henderson, Marilyn Crispell and Richard Nunns | This Appearing World - downloadable MP3 ALBUM




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The ancient tonalities of taonga pūoro find themselves in yet another challenging contemporary setting. Marilyn Crispell and Jeff Henderson weave a beautiful array of sonic textures and nuances around the evocative sounds of Richard Nunns.

Richard and Jeff have restless musical personalities, and over the years have sought a wide and varied range of collaborators – and collaborative environments. They previously worked with Marilyn on the Urban Taniwha touring project, so this project is the outcome of a longstanding musical relationship. Since he first met and performed with Marilyn, Richard has longed for an opportunity to record just such a project as this. In many respects, his earlier Rattle recording with Judy Bailey and Steve Garden (Tūhonohono, RAT-D011) was, while very different in outcome, a precursor to This Appearing World.

The adventurous listener will relish the invitation to explore the intriguing sonic environments on offer here, a world in which an infinite array of sound-making possibilities are judiciously selected in response to the sometimes fleeting intimations of all three musicians. While freeform improvisation is a long-standing musical practice, the use of taongo pūoro is rare, and Richard is the sole world exponent. The music on This Appearing World is unique to New Zealand.

Track listing:

  1. Gentle Folk 03:41
  2. Snow Grind 02:47
  3. Missed Children 04:34
  4. Rumi Nation 04:03
  5. Paper Sand 03:05
  6. Here Seas Peak 02:12
  7. Tough Fairy, My Dear 04:58
  8. This Appearing World 03:49
  9. Meat Ox 02:21
  10. Trap 01:54
  11. Sine Language 01:01
  12. Isle and Light 01:18
  13. Quiet Night 05:02


Publisher note

Rattle Records/SOUNZ licence: available to download