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Henry Wong Doe | Landscape Preludes - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Henry Wong Doe | Landscape Preludes - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2014



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Commissioned by pianist Stephen De Pledge, Landscape Preludes is a suite of twelve works for solo piano by some of New Zealand's most renowned composers. De Pledge debuted the preludes in 2008, but until now they haven't been recorded collectively for album release. Versions of Victoria Kelly's Goodnight Kiwi and John Psathas' Sleeper have appeared on earlier Rattle releases (Michael Houstoun's Inland and John Psathas' Helix respectively), but we are delighted to now present the complete suite, here performed by New Zealand pianist Henry Wong Doe in his Rattle debut.

"When a virtuoso is called for, Wong Doe is your man. If you buy just one classical CD this year, make it Landscape Preludes."
– William Dart, The Herald, July 26

Produced by Kenneth Young, recorded by Steve Garden, piano tuning by Michael Ashby.

Track listing:

  1. Gillian Whitehead - Arapatiki 05:48
  2. Ross Harris - Piano Prelude – A landscape with too few lovers 04:35
  3. Lyell Cresswell - Chiaroscuro 06:04
  4. Gareth Farr - The Horizon from Owhiro Bay 03:17
  5. Dylan Lardelli - Reign 04:02
  6. Eve de Castro-Robinson - this liquid drift of light 03:54
  7. Samuel Holloway - Terrain Vague 03:09
  8. Jack Body - The Street Where I Live 04:09
  9. John Psathas - Sleeper 04:18
  10. Michael Norris - Machine Noises 06:51
  11. Jenny McLeod - Tone Clock Piece XVIII - Landscape Prelude 04:52
  12. Victoria Kelly - Goodnight Kiwi 05:01


Publisher note

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