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Al Fraser | Shearwater Drift - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Al Fraser | Shearwater Drift - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2018



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Seemingly familiar but tantalisingly mysterious, these beautifully composed sonic landscapes offer a unique experience of the world through sound - the known and the unknown.

Shearwater Drift is a sonic collage that explores real and imagined landscapes. The compositions are created from pieces of sonic architecture utilising elements from the man made environment, the land, ocean, and sky, and those strange places in between where sound is a hybrid. Many of the sounds are unique to New Zealand, in fact some are unique to Wellington, while others are from Scotland.

Neil Johnstone (recording, manipulation, composition)
Al Fraser (ngā taonga pūoro)
Steve Burridge (engineering)
Ross Harris (accordion sounds on Tsitern)
Nick Pilcher (piano on Ferrous Aro)
Robert Baldock (treated sea samples on Cloud Shadow)

Track listing:

  1. Mirror of light 04:14
  2. Plumed waves 01:56
  3. Shearwater drift 04:34
  4. Haunted by lotus pollen 02:08
  5. Tsitern 04:46
  6. Kōwenewene 02:57
  7. Petipeti 03:27
  8. Whale fall 02:26
  9. Collapse of sleep 02:07
  10. Pīwakawaka flame tip 01:09
  11. For Phyllis 04:40
  12. Irukandji 01:45
  13. Cherry blossom pool 03:44
  14. Hollow wax snails 01:46
  15. Honeycombed bee orchid 02:19
  16. Ferrous Aro 03:24
  17. Cloud shadow 04:39
  18. Haere 05:06


Publisher note

Rattle Records/SOUNZ licence: available to download