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Gillian Whitehead: Lullaby for Matthew - SOUNZ COURSE FOR NCEA LEVEL 1 (iQualify platform)


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This revised online course explores the music and life of New Zealand composer Dame Gillian Karawe Whitehead with a focus on one of her compositions, Lullaby for Matthew. While aimed at NCEA Level 1 this course can be used at other secondary levels and by individual learners.

The iQualify learning environment provides:

  • online platform
  • blended learning
  • flipped classroom environment
  • student/teacher and peer-to-peer feedback
  • quizzes with instant results to check learning
  • access by email for each student and teacher


The course is comprised of five modules. Learners work through the modules in order and maximise their experience by completing the activities and discussion on each page and the quizzes at the end of each module.


On successful course completion, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the contexts in which Lullaby for Matthew was composed and/or performed.

  • Identify and describe the musical elements and features found in Lullaby for Matthew.

  • Identify and describe other contexts (listening, playing, singing and composing) that they relate to.


Activities and discussion points within each module provide many opportunities for student/teacher feedback and peer-to-peer interaction throughout the course. When students complete a module they can check their understanding by completing a quiz (with instant feedback) before moving on.

At the end of the course, a final review requires students to synthesise what they have learned to describe the elements and features of the work in their own words and, for NCEA students, a formative assessment will prepare them to successfully undertake internal assessment. Finally, a creative task provides the ultimate test of learning as students create their own original lullaby using the course material as a starting point for ideas and tools and techniques.


  • Each licence costs $5, provides course access for one year, and includes a PDF score and a streamed Rattle recording of Lullaby for Matthew.
  • Please purchase one licence for each teacher and student (e.g., for a class of 15 students and one teacher, a quantity of 16 licences should be purchased).
  • Upon completion of the sale, you will receive confirmation of your purchase. SOUNZ will then contact you during business hours to arrange email access for all students (an email address for each student will be required).

Publisher note

SOUNZ licence

Author note

Researched and written by Cheryl Camm, revised for NCEA by Karen Carter and adapted for online format by Stephen Lange.