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John Psathas - Drum Dances and Abhisheka: A learning Guide for levels 6-8 (PDF version)

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Revised edition. John Psathas’ music both excites and ignites his listeners. His music is regularly commissioned and performed internationally by some of the world’s leading classical/jazz/rock musicians and he is continually pushing boundaries of composition and performance technique. In addition to extensive background material and detailed musical analyses, the guide is centred on an in-depth interview with the composer and a broad background to his musical world. It aims to help students understand and appreciate Psathas’ music and its relationship to the innovative compositional techniques that have emerged in the 20th and 21st centuries. Activities include listening, transcription, discussion, research, analysis, composition and score reading, especially designed for the musical knowledge requirements of the curriculum. The guide’s author, Jeni Little, teaches music at Selwyn and Baradene Colleges and at the University of Auckland.

This is a downloadable PDF version of "John Psathas - Drum Dances and Abhisheka: A learning Guide for levels 6-8"