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Graded Chamber Music for Woodwind and Strings


Repertoire list


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Graded by experienced teachers, the following list of works provides an annotated guide when searching for repertoire, especially for the NZCT Chamber Music Contest. Most of these works have score and audio samples available online, just click on the title to see details. All are available for purchase from SOUNZ.

Please do not hesitate to contact SOUNZ with any enquiries.

Graded repertoire lists for other instrumentations are available at these pages:
Woodwind and Piano
Woodwind, Strings and Piano  





Audain: Scatter
for alto sax, violin and viola
Four programmatic short movements with clear titles, characters and textures. The pieces may be played in any order or as individual stand-alone works. Variety of Techniques including LH pizzicato and knocking on the instrument. Irregular time signatures throughout.
Moon: Trio
for clarinet viola and cello
Three Movements. (1) Presto - busy, mosaic effects and changing metre, (2) Lento enfatico - atmospheric and pointillistic, (3) Allegro leggiero - characterful and straightforward. Autograph score.
Biddington: Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Cello
3 short movements. Tonal with equitable writing for all instruments. Excellent opportunity for students to develop rhythmic skills.
Wilby: Miniatures for Old Friends
for flute, clarinet and cello
Junior (grade 4/5)3 short movements high in personality. Extremely well written for developing ensemble skills. Cello into treble clef in second movement.
Adams, C: Athena's Nymphs and the Downfall of Troy
for flute, violin and viola
Intermediate/advancedDriving with rhythmic and pitch unisons throughout. Extended techniques (flutter-tonguing). Presents breathing challenges.
Biddington: Seedgrown
for flute, clarinet, viola and double bass (or cello)
Three pieces forming incidental music for a circus tale. (1) Slapstic clowns is the trickiest but very jolly and full of jokes. (2) Interlude: Sophie's Music is slow and sad. (3) Waltz (artistic clowns) carries the melody in the flute. Second and third movements are suitable for first-time players.
Prastiti: Animality
for clarinet, bass clarinet, violin and cello
Atmospheric, poetic and effective. Clever use of textures and effects. Woodwind carry the melodic material. Lots of space and rests.
Statham: Landscape No. 1
for oboe and string quartet
 JuniorPastoral Mood. Attractive and accessible. Oboe part sits comfortably in the mid-range register and could be transferred to flute if needed.
Statham: Landscape No. 2
for oboe and string quartet
 JuniorAttractive and accessible.
Hamilton: Penny Farthing
for piccolo, flute and string quartet
IntermediateImaginative and descriptive with a sense of wonky wheels. Straightforward and effective. Tight rhythmic ensemble and articulation needed. Potential tuning and balance issues with low writing for flute.