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Cheryl Camm: Sea Pie Parcel - hardcopy SCORE and CD

Hardcopy typeset

Cheryl Camm: Sea Pie Parcel - hardcopy SCORE and CD

Score and parts Publication year: 2009

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Sample Score

Sample: contents page, pages 12-13 (Autumn Sea), 25-26 (The Lamb), 39 (Banana Fanfare II), 47-48 (Henry Hotspur Percy)


Sea Pie Parcel is a collection of songs composed for groups of young people age 7–12. The songs are in a range of styles from bluesy to rocky to regal to folksy to military to Latin and beyond... The songs are about fun things like kings and umbrellas and bananas and animals and Christmas and more!

You can see a short video about Sea Pie Parcel here.


  • John Hudson’s Bound For Botany Bay – a tragic tale of transportation
  • Robinson Crusoe – another tragic tale, and our first umbrella
  • No-Umbrella Blues – a rainy day and no brolly in Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Rain – another umbrella and the sea
  • Autumn Sea – the sea, a storm and a season
  • Spring Burst – another two seasons
  • In The Bleak Midwinter – one of those seasons and Jesus
  • That First Christmas Night – Jesus
  • The Lamb – Jesus, and a cute animal
  • Slow Down! Red Squirrels! – more cute animals and traffic hazards
  • I’d Like A Zebra For My Birthday – another animal possibly causing a traffic snarl
  • When My Roots Begin To Grow – furry creatures and flowering plants
  • Banana Boy – a different plant and how useful it can be
  • Banana Fanfare II – more bananas and nothing else
  • Chocolate River – tasty treats including foamy bananas
  • The Sixth Duke Of Devonshire – one final banana and an interesting fellow
  • Henry Hotspur Percy – another interesting fellow and some fighting
  • Alexander’s Army – fighting, explorations and loyalty
  • Hymn Of The Ancient Greeks – Alexander didn’t just fight though
  • Our School Is Like The Taj Mahal – famous buildings of the world

Album also includes song lyrics, notes about the songs and backing tracks, and a CD of backing tracks.

Please contact SOUNZ if you would like to purchase an individual song, rather than the complete album.


Publisher note

Cheryl Camm