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Repertoire ideas for Percussion performers


Repertoire list


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Chris Gendall: dita for solo percussion 
Dugal McKinnon: Sang Love Songs for marimba and voice (one performer)
Eve de Castro-Robinson: Four Marimbulations for marimba
Eve de Castro-Robinson: Condundrums for solo percussion
Eve de Castro-Robinson: Whisper for solo snare drum
Gareth Farr: Tangaroa for solo marimba with 5-octave range
Gareth Farr: Three Etudes
for solo marimba
Gareth Farr: Spook
for solo marimba 
Gillian Whitehead: Windstreams for solo percussion
John Elmsly: Toccata for Two Mallets
for solo percussion
John Psathas: One Study One Summary
for marimba, junk percussion and tape
John Psathas: Planet Damnation
for timpani and digital audio
John Rimmer: Composition 5
for percussion and electronic sounds
John Wells: Three Studies for Four Chromatic Tympani
Juliet Palmer: the truth and the truth
for solo vocalising percussionist 
Maarire Goodall: Murihiku Sunset for solo percussion
Ross Harris: Silence Greets the Dawn for vocalising percussionist
Tecwyn Evans: Every other day in sunshine for solo percussion


Solo - accompanied

Chris Gendall: Impasto for marimba/vibraphone and piano
Gareth Farr: Three Little Pieces for Eve for percussion and piano
Gareth Farr: Tuatara for percussion and piano
Jack Body & Wayan Gde Yudane: Paradise Regained for vibraphone and piano
Jeroen Speak: The Architecture of Time for piano and percussion
John Psathas: Drum Dances for drum kit and piano
John Psathas: Fragment for vibraphone and piano
John Psathas: Happy Tachyons for marimba and vibraphone (one player) and piano
John Psathas: Matre's Dance for piano and percussion
John Psathas: Spike for piano and percussion
Jonathan Crehan: Bold Spark for marimba and piano
Juliet Palmer: mindmeat for piano and percussion
Lissa Meridan: without a sound for piano, percussion and electronic sounds
Ryan Youens: Through my eyes, I see for piano and percussion



Gareth Farr: Kendang Kalih for percussion duo
Gareth Farr: Dialogue for marimba and vibraphone
John Psathas: Ukiyo for marimba and vibraphone, with two CD players
Juliet Palmer: Blood Shower music theatre for percussion duo
Ray Twomey: Towards Evening for two vibraphones



Chris Gendall: Gu ta for percussion trio and optional amplification
Juliet Palmer: Self for percussion trio
Ross Harris: Ricochet for percussion trio



David Downes: Painting with Breath for percussion quartet
Gareth Farr: Little Sea Gongs
for percussion quartet 
Gareth Farr: Tubes for percussion quartet
Gareth Farr: Ukare Funk for percussion quartet
Gareth Farr: Volume Pig
for percussion quartet
John Rimmer: Clouds over Pirongia
for percussion quartet
Maria Grenfell: Blue Green Red Black
for percussion quartet
Neville Hall: and the sound went up like smoke
for two amplified vibraphones with four players 



Briar Prastiti: Industrial Fantasia for piano and percussion ensemble
Chris Gendall: Hand to Hand
for percussion sextet
Claire Cowan: Bus Stop
for percussion sextet
Denis Betro: Kitchen Koncerto for percussion quintet
Warwick Blair: Euphoria
for conducted percussion quintet