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Album release: Shortland Street
Original Score Highlights 2023

Scheduled for release on the 15th of March 2024, the album 'Shortland Street - Original Score Highlights 2023' celebrates the role of original music behind the popular and enduring television show. 

Consisting of 17 tracks totalling approximately 50 minutes, this album is a snapshot of the past year of drama told through its original underscore. From the departure of fan-favourite TK Samuels, to the carnage of Milo Cross' violent assault on the Hospital, to the murder of Rahu Parata on the operating table of Harry Warner, the soundtrack album acknowledges the pivotal role of music in these memorable moments and gives the fans of the show a chance to relive them. 

With local television currently going through a rough patch, with programs like Newshub, Sunday, and Fair Go all being shockingly canceled this month, it is crucial to appreciate and cherish the local programming that remains.Shortland Street is the only New Zealand scripted series that reflects our culture back at us all year round. With a roll of a dice, New Zealand could not have a weeknight soap opera, and with another roll of a dice, Shortland Street might not have original music. The fact that the series has original music five days a week is something to celebrate. While many other shows rely on international production music, Shortland Street's New Zealand composer, William Philipson, crafts an original score for each and every episode. 

But this album is more than just a collection of tracks. It's a celebration—a celebration of the often overlooked but vital role that music plays in the storytelling process. A musical score has the power to set the tone and enhance the emotions portrayed on screen. Often, a television score can be quite subtle, disappearing into the background, subtly enhancing the show and doing the work of making everyone else look good.

With the tone of Shortland Street being eclectic, so too is the music—running the range from being dead serious to dead funny, the score has to keep pace. Different tracks on the album occupy various emotional spaces, providing a diverse listening experience. The score is heavily leitmotif based, with main themes for the major characters and plot lines. Listening to the album, you can start to pick these up and hear them develop. The album Shortland Street - Original Score Highlights 2023 is intended to be a vibrant homage to the past year of the show, while highlighting the integral role music has played in it. 

Listen to the soundtrack here.