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Māori Music Month
Featuring Pere Wihongi

Ko Pere Te Ruru o Te Ramana Wihongi aka Pere Wihongi

Nō Te Rarawa, Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Kuri, Ngāti Wai

Pere is an award-winning composer based in Wellington who originally comes from Herekino, New Zealand. 

Pere is mainly known for co-managing and performing for the Māori pop group Maimoa, which is currently the most-watched Te Reo Māori content on the internet.

Pere loves Kapa haka, and he believes he wouldn't be the performer he is today without it. Kapa Haka has helped him develop his dance, vocals, and even his facial expressions. Plus, it's a holistic development that connects him to his ancestors, spirituality, and social circles.

Pere also plays guitar and ukulele. He remembers writing random jingles and songs with friends, mainly to be funny when he was younger. But remembers composing an entire song and teaching it to his school in Year 9. It's been learning and developing ever since! 

In 2019, Pere won the Waiata Māori Music Awards' "Best Māori Male Solo Artist" award. His musical group Te Kākano also won "Best Traditional Album in Te Reo Māori", "Best Māori Pop Album" and "Best Song by a Māori Artist" for their hit song, Tōrea.

This is significant to Te Marama Pūoro Māori as Waiata Māori Awards works alongside artists with assistance from many known artists such as Maisy Rika, Tama Waipara, and Rob Ruha, to name a few. 

Pere knows a song works when it resonates with his soul. If he can go to sleep and still wake up the following day singing the song, he knows it'll stick with others. His music has a unique vibe that reflects his passion for Te Reo Māori 

Here are a few waiata that feature Pere and show his exceptional talents.

High On Ingoingo