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Library terms and conditions
Ngā whakaritenga me ngā here o te whare titonga puoro

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In purchasing a membership to borrow items from the collection you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1.  I/We acknowledge that the purpose of the Library is to provide copies of scores, recordings and other reference materials to individuals/organisations with a genuine interest in appreciating, performing, recording and/or broadcasting works by New Zealand composers.
  2. Works borrowed from the Library are for the purpose of private study only. I/We agree that scores or recordings will not be copied or disseminated in any manner.
  3. I/We acknowledge that recordings are not available for scholastic purposes in public without having first gained the permission of the composer or relevant copyright owners.
  4. The Centre does not involve itself with rights. If I/we wish to use the work in performance or any other public setting, it is my/our responsibility to secure the appropriate rights.
  5. The items are on loan for a period of two months from the date of issue.
  6. Failure to return items by the agreed date will invoke a charge and may incur a temporary suspension of borrowing rights. If an item is lost, I/we agree to pay the replacement costs for that item plus a reasonable fee for administration. If the item is subsequently found, SOUNZ is not required to refund the replacement and administration costs.
  7. SOUNZ will endeavour to provide the items requested but I/we agree not to hold SOUNZ liable for failure to provide any item requested.
  8. Charges for membership contribute to the maintenance and development of the collection at SOUNZ. I/We acknowledge that it is my/our responsibility to pay postage to and from SOUNZ.
  9. When using the online services I/we agree to the General Terms and Conditions of the site.
Further information

Accessing the collection

  • Information about the collection held at SOUNZ can be obtained by application to the Centre or visiting our website:

Expiry of membership

  • Membership is normally for 12 months from date of joining and is renewable.
  • Where a member takes out a Standard Membership which has a limit on the number of items that can be borrowed, the membership will expire if the borrowing limit is reached before 12 months has elapsed. In this case a further membership can be bought online, or an upgrade to the existing membership can be purchased by contacting SOUNZ directly.

Te whakamahi i te whare titonga puoro –
ngā whakaritenga me ngā here

Ina hokona e koe te āheinga ki te rīhi taonga i tā mātou kohinga, e whakaae ana koe ki ngā whakaritenga me ngā here e whai ake nei:

  1. E mārama ana au/mātou ko te kaupapa o te Whare nei, ko te tuku tauira o ngā titonga, ngā hopuranga me ērā atu rauemi toro ki ngā tāngata takitahi me ngā whakahaere e ngākaunui ana ki ngā titonga puoro a ngā kaitito o Aotearoa, e minamina ana rānei ki te kawe i ngā mahi nei ki te atamira, ki te hopu, ki te pāpāho rānei i ngā mahi nei. 
  2. Ko ngā mea ka tangohia i te Whare nei, hei āwhina i ngā mahi akoako anake. E whakaae ana au/mātou kāore ngā titonga puoro me ngā hopuranga oro e tāruatia, e tohaina rānei ki ētahi atu.
  3. E mārama ana au/mātou kāore e whakaaetia te whakamahi i ngā hopuranga mō ngā kaupapa kura i ngā wāhi tūmatanui ki te kore e mātua whakaaetia e te kaitito, e te tangata/hunga rānei nōna te manatārua.
  4. Kāore a Toi te Arapūoru e whai wāhi ki ngā āhuatanga manatārua. Ki te hiahia au/mātou ki te hiki i tētahi titonga i te atamira, i tētahi atu wāhi tūmatanui rānei, kei a au/mātou te pīkaunga ki te tono kia whakaaetia i raro i te manatārua.
  5. Ka whakaaetia kia noho mai ngā taonga taurewa ki a au/mātou mō te rua marama mai i te rā e tukuna mai ai.
  6. Ki te kore e whakahokia ngā taonga i te rā e tika ana, he utu te whiu, ka mutu, tērā pea ka hikina anō hoki taku āhei ki te tango i ētahi atu taonga, mō tētahi wā. Ki te ngaro he taonga taurewa, e whakaae ana au/mātou māku/mā mātou tonu e utu te mahinga mai o tētahi tauira anō o te mea rā, me tētahi utu whakahaere e rite ana. Ā, ina tūpono kitea anō te taonga i ngaro, e kore a SOUNZ e whakahoki mai i te utu whakakapi me te utu whakahaere ki a au.
  7. KamahiaSOUNZkitetukumaiingāmeakatonoaeau,engarikitekoreetaea,e kore a SOUNZ e noho papa i tēnei āhuatanga.
  8. Ko te utu whakauru ki te kahui tango taonga taurewa, ka whakamahia hei tiaki, hei whakawhanake i te kohinga a SOUNZ. E mārama ana au/mātou, māku/mā mātou tonu e pīkau ngā utu o te tuku mai me te whakahoki atu i ngā taonga taurewa ki a SOUNZ.
  9. I a au ka whakamahi i ngā ratonga tuihono, e whakaae ana au/mātou ki ngā Whakaritenga me ngā Here Whānui e pā ana ki te pae tukutuku.

He whakamārama atu anō

Te whai wāhi ki te kohinga

  • E taea ana te nanao iho ngā pārongo mō te kohinga a SOUNZ, mā te tuku tono ki Toi te Arapūoru, mā te toro rānei i tā mātou pae tukutuku:

Te āheinga ki te tango taonga taurewa

  • 12 marama te roa o te āheinga, mai i te rā e whakauru ai koe ki te kāhui. Ka taea te whakahou ina eke te wā.
  • Ina hokona te Āheinga Arowhānui e herea ai te maha o ngā taonga taurewa e taea ana e te kairīhi kotahi te tango, ki te eke te tapeke o ngā taonga e whakaaetia ana kia tangohia i te tau i mua i te paunga o taua 12 marama, ka pau te kaha o te āheinga. Heoi anō, ki te pērā, e taea ana te hoko āheinga atu anō i te ipurangi, e taea ana rānei te hoko āheinga tāpiri, mā te whakapā mai ki a mātou i SOUNZ.