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SOUNZ Virtual Concert

I always enjoy watching a performance where the musicians are engaging on multiple levels- both with the other musicians in their ensembles, and with the music itself as they push and pull against its framework. I’ve chosen these performances to explore some of the many ways that that kōrero works- from the ‘head down, ears wide open’ performers in a big band or the NZTrio, to the camaraderie that’s obvious in the performances by Sumo or Antipodes. Sometimes the kōrero is present via each performer’s dialogue with the music itself, as in the CODE Quartet or Kevin Field’s band (sometimes known as Dog), which then leads to further interlocking conversations between the musicians.

Guest curator: Nick Tipping

Kōrero - SOUNZ virtual concert

Programme | Hōtaka

Callum Allardice: The Vibe
Performed by Antipodes: Jake Baxendale (alto sax) Callum Allardice (guitar) Luke Sweeting (piano) Thomas Botting (bass) Tim Geldens (drums)

Tim Atkinson: Lakes
Performed by the Auckland Jazz Orchestra

Claire Cowan: Subtle Dances
Performed by NZTrio: Justine Cormack (violin), Ashley Brown (cello) and Sarah Watkins (piano)

Kevin FieldPeople Factory
Performed by Kevin Field (piano), Roger Manins (saxophone), Olivier Holland (double bass) and Ron Samsom (drums)

Gwyn Reynolds: Continental Drift
Performed by Sumo: Gwyn Reynolds (sax), Darren Pickering (piano), Michael Story (bass) and Joe McCallum (drums) with special guest Brad Kang (guitar)

Jasmine Lovell-SmithMoorings (Titahi Bay)
Performed by CODE Quartet: Christine Jensen (saxophones), Lex French (trumpet), Adrian Vedady (double bass) and Jim Doxas (drums)

Glen Wagstaff: Firefly
Performed by the Symposium Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Tom Rainey

Approximate running time | Te roa: 60 minutes