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Violin repertoire showcase

This list contains a selection of works available for violin, including solos and concertos.

Most works have online score and audio samples. Those marked with * have full length audio or video available for free streaming on our website.

Solo violin - including works with piano

Helen Bowater: Lautari*
for solo violin 5'

Edwin Carr: Sonata*
for solo violin 12'

Ross Harris: Fanitullen (the devil's song)*
for solo violin 4'

Leonie Holmes: Dance of the Wintersmith*
for violin and piano 10'30''

Douglas Lilburn: Sonata 1950*
for violin and piano 12'

Karlo Margetic: On an Imaginary Folk Song*
for solo violin 5'

John Psathas: Gyftiko*
for solo violin 5'

John Rimmer: Adieu K Sfor solo violin 3'

Anthony Ritchie: Violin Sonata No. 3*
for violin and piano 20'

Kenneth Young: Gone*
for solo violin 5'

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Split the Lark
for violin and piano 13'

David Farquhar: earth, air, water...
for solo violin 5'

Gareth Farr: Wakatipu
for solo violin 6'

Gillian Whitehead: Bright Silence
for solo violin 8'

Violin Concertos

Claire Cowan: Stark*
for violin and orchestra 28'

Ross Harris: Violin Concerto No. 1*
for violin and orchestra

Michael Norris: Violin Concerto 'Sama'* for violin and orchestra 20'

Anthony Ritchie: Violin Concerto*
for violin and orchestra 23'

John Ritchie: Pisces: Partita Concertante*
for violin and orchestra 20'

Kenneth Young: Remembering*
for violin and orchestra 11'

Louise Webster: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 'In hollowed bone I hear the seas roar'26'