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Selected Operas and Operettas

With ensemble

Chris Adams: River Lavalle 60’

Philip Brownlee: Phyllis Remembers 11’ 

Dorothy Buchanan: Greenleaf 43’ 

Dorothy Buchanan: The Woman at the Store 25’ 

Dorothy Buchanan: The Daughters of the Late Colonel 33’  

Dorothy Buchanan: Miss Brill 25’ 

Eve de Castro-Robinson 115’  

Lyell Cresswell: Good Angel, Bad Angel 60’  

John Drummond: Plague Upon Eyam 132’ 

Gareth Farr: The Bone Feeder 80’  

Chris Gendall: Incident 60’  

Ross Harris: Brass Poppies 100’  

John Rimmer: Galileo 90’  

Anthony Ritchie: The God Boy 90’  

Anthony Ritchie: This Other Eden 120’  

Anthony Ritchie: Quartet 70’  

Matthew Suttor: The Trial of the Cannibal Dog 100’ 

Gillian Whitehead: Iris Dreaming 40’ version with trio

Gillian Whitehead: Iris Dreaming 40’ version with ensemble

Gillian Whitehead: Outrageous Fortune 120’ 

Gillian Whitehead: Tristan and Iseult 65’ 

Michael Williams: The Juniper Passion  

Michael Williams: The Prodigal Child 60’ 

With full or chamber orchestra

Christopher Blake: The Bitter Calm 90’ 

Edwin Carr: Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime 40’ 

Lyell Cresswell: The Money Man 25’ 

Lyell Cresswell: The Perfect Woman 15’ 

David Farquhar: Enchanted Island 100’ 

David Farquhar: A Unicorn for Christmas 120’  

Ross Harris: Waituhi - The Life of the Village 120’ 

Jenny McLeod: Hohepa 95’ 

Miriama Young: Zen Story 15’ 

With children

Gillian Bibby: Sanctuary of Spirits 40’ 

Gary Daverne: Robyn Hood: Outlaw Princess 100’ 

Gillian Whitehead: The Tinker’s Curse 70’