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New Zealand music about war

Below you will find a list of New Zealand music dealing with the subject of war.

Works marked with * have full length audio or video available for free streaming on our website.


World War 1
World War 2
ANZAC, general topic
War, general topic  

World War 1

Chris Adams: Echoed Memories
for orchestra 9'

Chris Artley: Dawn 
(3 versions): SATBsoprano * baritone * 4'

Callum Blackmore: The First Time I Stood *
for soprano and orchestra 27'

Chris Cree Brown: Pilgrimage to Gallipoli  
radiophonic work 85'

Helen Caskie: Anthem for Doomed Youth
for SATB choir 3'

Ewan Clark: An ANZAC Diary
for brass ensemble

Gary Daverne: Gallipoli
for trumpet and orchestra 14'

Tecwyn Evans: Elegy for my Grandfather
for baritone and piano, 5'

Gareth Farr: Chemin des Dames *
for cello and orchestra, 25'

David Hamilton: Futility 
for SSATB choir 4'

David Hamilton: A Lament
for SATB choir and piano 3'

David Hamilton: Midnight Rain
for SAB choir and piano 4'

Ross Harris: Requiem for the Fallen *
for solo tenor, SATB choir, taonga puoro, bass drum, and string quartet 45'

Ross Harris: Notes from the Front (Songs for Corporal Aitken) *
for tenor, violin and piano 15'

Ross Harris: Symphony No. 2  *
for mezzo-soprano and orchestra 31'

Janet Jennings: ANZACS: A Generation Lost in Legend *
for SATB choir, STB soloists, violin, brass quintet, percussion and organ 60'

Nigel Keay: Nocturne, Havrincourt 1918 *
for baritone saxophone and double bass 10'

Rachael Morgan: Seeking Answers to the Riddle  *
for orchestra 9'

Richard Oswin: Three Gallipoli Settings
for SATB choir 10'

John Psathas: No Man’s Land *
multimedia with live performers and video 85'

Anthony Ritchie: Whispers of Gallipoli *
for baritone and piano 31'

Anthony Ritchie: Gallipoli to the Somme *
for soprano, bass, choir and orchestra 55'

Mark Smythe: Umbra animae *
for SSATB vocal ensemble or choir 4'

Patrick Shepherd: Two Seven Two One
for string orchestra 8'

Louise Webster: Distant Voices
for chamber orchestra 4'

Louise Webster: Where Moons Circle and Burn *
for soprano and orchestra 18'

John Wells: Three Songs of War
for soprano and piano 10'

Kenneth Young: Dona eis requiem *
for soprano, children's choir and orchestra 12'

World War 2

Christopher Blake: Anthem on the Kaipara
for string orchestra 14'

Philip Brownlee Mists and Voices *
electroacoustic 11'

Ross Harris: To the Memory of I.S. Totzka *
for soprano and chamber nonet 20'

Ross Harris: Symphony No. 5 *
for alto and orchestra 45'

Ross Harris: String Quartet No. 3 'Blood Red Roses' *
for string quartet 11'

Nigel Keay: Fanfare for Orchestra *
for orchestra 3'

Anton Killin: Podroze
electroacoustic 20'

Anthony Ritchie: A Bugle Will Do *
for orchestra 9'

Carol Shortis: Tesknota
for eight-part vocal ensemble, soprano and countertenor soloists, string quintet and piano 8'

Michael Williams: The Juniper Passion
an opera in three acts 95'

John Young: Ricordiamo Forli
a radiophonic/electroacoustic work 53'


Lilburn: Poem in Time of War
for tape 17'

ANZAC, general topic

Andrew Baldwin: Pastures Green
for SSATBB choir 3'30''

Andrew Baldwin: For the Fallen
for SSATBB choir 4'30''

Colin Gibson: Hymn for Anzac Day
for congregation and keyboard accompaniment 4'

Colin Gibson: Honour the Dead - Hymn for Anzac Day
for unison voices and piano

Vernon Griffiths: Peace and War
for choir and brass band 10'

David Hamilton: The Captives’ Hymn
for two-part treble voices, trombone and piano 3'

David Hamilton: A Call to Arms
for baritone, SATB choir and piano 16'

Patrick Shepherd: In Flanders Fields
for SATB choir 4'

War, general topic

Alan Cruise-Johnston: Requiem for an Unknown Soldier
for SATB choir and organ 30'

Susan Frykberg: The Day is Come
for tenor and piano

David Hamilton: Anthem for Doomed Youth
for tenor solo, SAATB choir, and chamber orchestra 7'30''

Ross Harris: …and the final sky
for SATB choir 5'