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Double bass repertoire showcase

This list contains a selection of works available for double bass, including solos, works with electronics, concertos and works for multiple double basses.

Click on the titles for more information, including score samples, programme notes and more.

Most works have online score and audio samples. Those marked with * have full length audio or video available for free streaming on our website.

Double bass - solo or with piano

Philip Brownlee: Strata*
for double bass 10’

Jeroen Speak: Quattro Stati d’Essere Immaginari
for double bass 6’

David Farquhar: Three Pieces
for double bass 10’

Colin Decio: Sonatina for Bass No. 1
for double bass and piano 11’

Double bass with electronics

John Rimmer: Composition 10*
for double bass and electronic sounds 17’

Juliet Palmer: A Bridge of Ice
for double bass and tape 25'  

Double bass concertos

Anthony Ritchie: Whalesong*
for double bass and orchestra 10’

Maria Grenfell: Concertino*
for clarinet, cello double bass and strings 12’

Thomas Goss: Double Bass Concerto in e minor 11’

Double bass ensemble

Alex Taylor: descent*
for 7 double basses 11'

Anthony Ritchie: Four into Twelves...
for 4 double basses 2'

Edward Ware: Commodus
for 6 double basses