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Clarinet repertoire showcase

This list contains a selection of New Zealand works for Clarinet (in all sizes), including solos, concertos and works with electronics.

Most works have online score and audio samples. Those marked with * have full length audio or video available for free streaming on our website.

Clarinet in B flat or A - solo or with piano

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Undercurrents
for solo clarinet 9’

Gareth Farr: Waipoua
for clarinet in A and piano (or strings) 5’

Ross Harris: Four Laments
for solo clarinet 8’

Natalie Hunt: Cat Nip
for solo clarinet 2’30''

Karlo Margetic: Svitac
for clarinet and piano 8’

Joshua Pearson: Teine Sa
for vocalising clarinetist 4’30''

Gillian Whitehead: Mata-au
for solo clarinet 12’

Helen Bowater: Ixion's Wheel for clarinet and piano 14’

Douglas Lilburn: Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano 9’

John Ritchie: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano  16’

Clarinet in E flat

Jeroen Speak: Epeisodos*
for solo E flat clarinet 10’

Robbie Ellis: Three Sibilants*
for solo E flat clarinet 11’30’’ 

Bass Clarinet

James Gardner: Rendering*
for bass clarinet 15'

Alex Tayor: Mindsets*
for bass clarinet 7’

Chris Watson: Mandible*

for bass clarinet 5'

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Chaos of Delight I
for bass clarinet 8’

John Rimmer: Hauturu – Where the Winds Rest
for bass clarinet 9’   

Clarinet with electronics/multimedia

Chris Cree Brown: Inner Bellow*
for clarinet and tape 12’

John Rimmer: Projections at Dawn
for clarinet and tape 12’

Michael Norris: De Corporis Fabrica
for amplified clarinet and video 15'

Dennis Smalley: Clarinet Threads
for clarinet and tape 14’

Clarinet concertos

John Ritchie: Concertino for Clarinet and Strings14’

Ken Wilson: Concerto for Clarinet and Strings15’

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Triple Clarinet Concerto27'

Kit Powell: Four Māui Legends*
for clarinet and orchestra 45’

John Rimmer: Au*
for bass clarinet and ensemble 13’

Dylan Lardelli: Tumbu*
for clarinet and orchestra 12’