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Bassoon repertoire showcase

This list contains a selection of New Zealand works for bassoon, including solos, concertos and chamber music with prominent bassoon parts.

Most works have online score and audio samples. Those marked with * have full length audio or video available for free streaming on our website.

Bassoon - solo or with piano

Edwin Carr: Three Pieces*
for solo bassoon 4’ 

Ross Harris: In Memory G.B.*
or bassoon and piano 5’ 

Gao Ping: Legend*
for bassoon and piano 13’

Alex Taylor: loose knots
for solo bassoon 5’

Gillian Whitehead: Ngā hā o neherā*
for solo bassoon 16’

Karlo Margetic: Double
for solo bassoon 7’

Jack Speirs: Birthday Music for Sheila
for solo bassoon 5’

Bassoon with electronics

John Elmsly: Hall of Mirrors 
for bassoon and electronics 11'

Hermione Johnson: Body and Soul*
for amplified dulcian 4'

Jeremy Mayall: The Effect of Bundled Sticks on Sound*
for amplified bassoon and live electronics 5’

John Rimmer: Composition 7*
for bassoon, piano and electronic sounds 10'

Bassoon (and Contrabassoon) concertos

Michael Norris: Heavy Traffic*
for contrabassoon and orchestra 12’

Alex Taylor: Bassoon Concerto*
for bassoon and chamber orchestra 27’

David Hamilton: Danielle’s Bassoon
for bassoon and string orchestra 4’

Martin Lodge: Winterlight
for bassoon and orchestra 11’

Chamber music with featured bassoon(s)

Alex Taylor: quasi concertino*
for bassoon and string trio 8'30''

Anthony Watson: Three Bagatelles*
for bassoon and string trio 6'

Chris Watson: double duo*
for bassoon and string trio 6'

Colin Decio: Chorale for Three Bassoons 6'

Natalie Hunt: Muchacho
for two bassoons 4'

Anthony Ritchie: Rites of Passage
for bassoon and string quintet 12'