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He Reo Tawhito
Conversations about Mōteatea

Mōteatea connects the past to the present. It is a taonga harboured by the ritual of performance, a practice that preserves how iwi Māori spoke and shared stories and ideas pre-colonisation.

Rich and poetic, Season Four of He Reo Tawhito: Conversations about Mōteatea offers further understanding about this ancient art form with host Crystal Edwards. Filmed for the first time, these kōrero with four leading mātanga experts explore the meaning, historical significance, and continual evolution of mōteatea.


He Reo Tawhito: Conversations about Mōteatea delves into the world of traditional Māori chanted song-poetry with a focus on preserving and sharing this vulnerable art form. In this highly successful series, host Crystal Edwards holds conversations with some of the world’s leading experts on mōteatea, asking them: What does mōteatea mean to you? Traditionally, why were they composed and how have they changed? Who are some key composers or mōteatea, and how have they influenced your music? 

In Season 4 we unveil the beauty and significance of mōteatea through captivating interviews with esteemed mātanga Turuhira Hare, Tamati Waaka, Teina Moetara and Ngahiwi Apanui-Barr. Filmed for the first time, this season adds a visual dimension to the award-winning podcast series.

Who’s involved

He Reo Tawhito Season 4 explores the rich cultural heritage of mōteatea, a traditional art form of profound significance. Through intimate interviews with experts Ngahiwi Apanui-Barr, Tamati Waaka, Teina Moetara, and Turuhira Hare, we invite you to explore the historical, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of mōteatea. 

Target audience: who is this show for

He Reo Tawhito: Conversations about Mōteatea is crafted with a diverse audience in mind, including those passionate about the revival of Te Reo Māori, traditional and modern Māori performance, composition, and storytelling traditions, individuals keen on deepening their understanding of Te Ao Māori through the ancient art of mōteatea, and Māori seeking to reclaim their ancestral wisdom.

Awards and accomplishments (He Reo Tawhito)

‘He Reo Tawhito: Conversations about Mōteatea’ was Awarded one Silver and two Bronze awards in the 2022 NZ Podcast Awards.