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January 22, 2023 2:00AM • Wermland Opera, Karlstad, Sweden

Wermland Opera | Classic Saturday


Anna McGregor | bass clarinet
Tove Edqvist | flute
Blanca Sans Ballart | oboe
Jesper Sejrup Clausen | clarinet
Jonas Arvidsson | bassoon
Reinert Indrehus | horn


John Rimmer | Hauturu - Where the Winds Rest
Carl Nielsen | Wind quintet

The first classical Saturday in 2023 has been reserved for the orchestra's woodwinds.

The concert begins with clarinetist Anna McGregor playing a solo piece on Wermland Opera's newly purchased bass clarinet. The solo piece is called Hauturu - Where the Winds Rest and was composed in 1992. Anna is originally from New Zealand and the piece's composer, John Rimmer, is a contemporary compatriot of Anna's.

After that, five wind players play just the Wind Quintet by Carl Nielsen. This wind quintet is a well-known piece among woodwind musicians, and loved by even more. Composer Carl Nielsen is today considered Denmark's national composer and ever since 1922, when the work was written, it has had a natural place in the repertoire for wind quintets. Here Nielsen, with the help of the music, paints a picture of the Danish landscape, and the composer himself said that the piece cannot be "played without a great feeling for nature".

Start time

January 22, 2023 2:00AM


Wermland Opera, Karlstad, Sweden