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July 11, 2021 2:00PM • Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington



Gemma New | Conductor
Nocturnal | Performance Visuals
Ihlara McIndoe | NZSO National Youth Orchestra Composer-in-Residence

Ihlara McIndoe | Ephemeral Bounds
Shostakovich | Symphony No. 7 Leningrad

The National Youth Orchestra is joined by musicians from the NZSO to present Shostakovich’s great Leningrad Symphony. Composed in the depths of World War II, Shostakovich wrote the symphony literally in between sprints to and from bomb shelters; the symphony itself premiered during the infamous Siege of Leningrad, which resulted in the loss of a staggering half a million lives. The premiere was broadcast throughout the city on speakers in an attempt to give the embattled Russian people the strength and will to survive. Ever since then the symphony has been seen as a colossal statement of fortitude against unthinkable odds, of resilience through extreme hardship, and of the victory of hope over death. This performance of Shostakovich’s stunning work will be accompanied by an immersive visual design by leading New Zealand creatives, Nocturnal.

In addition, we proudly premiere a new commission from Ihlara McIndoe, the 2021 NZSO NYO Composer in Residence. 2021 will be this residency’s seventeenth year in existence, and has been a vital stepping stone to success for young New Zealand composers.

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July 11, 2021 2:00PM


Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington