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September 25, 2013 12:00PM • Marama Hall

Robbie Ellis - Otago University Lunchtime Concert


Robbie Ellis performs New Zealand songs, high and low, singing from the piano

Robbie Ellis (voice & piano) with guests Corwin Newall (piano) and Feby Idrus (piccolo)

Programme: Von Sturmer/McGlashan - There Is No Depression in New Zealand Anthony Ritchie - My Father Today Anthony Ritchie - Lament for Barney Flanagan Nielson/Logie - If My Arm Were a Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand? Ellis - Love is a Four-Letter Word Emms/Ellis - Don't You Love a Drama?, from At Least We Have Our Jobs Ellis - Sheepdog Plainchant Lilburn - Sings Harry Graeme Downes - Dirge Liang/Ellis - Mental note #18, from Seven Banana Songs Ellis - Root Vegetable Opera

Start time

September 25, 2013 12:00PM


Marama Hall
Leith Walk
New Zealand


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