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Duels and Duos
SOUNZ Virtual Concert

From the quick precision of Chris Watson’s ‘orbicularis’, to the quirky theatricality of Eve de Castro-Robinson’s ‘Chaos of Delight’, in this week’s concert, we explore the wide variety of duos by New Zealand composers.

Duels and Duos - SOUNZ virtual concert

Programme | Hōtaka

Simon Eastwood: Triptych for Two
Performed by Monique Lapins (violin) and Naoto Segawa (snare drum)

Natalie Hunt: Winter
Performed by Reuben Chin (alto saxophone) and Ben Hoadley (piano)

Evangelina Telfar: Synapse
Performed by Xiaotong Yang (erhu) and Naoto Segawa (percussion)

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Chaos of Delight
Performed by Luca Manghi (piccolo/flute/duck caller) and Ben Hoadley (bassoon/duck caller)

Chris Watson: orbicularis
Performed by Luca Manghi (flute) and Dean Sky-Lucas (piano)

Ken Wilson: Duo for Clarinet and Bassoon
Performed by Peter Scholes (clarinet) and Ben Hoadley (bassoon)

Approximate running time | Te roa: 44 minutes