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Maisey Rika

Composer, Performer, Māori Composer


Ngāti Awa, Tūhoe, Te Arawa and Te Whānau-ā-Apanui

Hailing from the serene shores of the East Coast of the North Island it’s no surprise Maisey’s music has moulded to bring such elegance that resonates beauty. A mix of Māori, folk, acoustic, soul and easy listening, her musical palette is vibrant with elements of roots and deep culture.

From Ngāti Awa, Tūhoe, Te Arawa and Te Whānau-ā-Apanui whakapapa on her mother’s side and Samoan on her father’s side, Maisey began singing at a professional level from very early on in her life, having recorded several Māori albums before finishing her high school years when she was the star soloist in E Hine, an album of classical Māori songs by the St Joseph’s Māori Girls College choir that went double platinum and won Best Mana Reo Album at the New Zealand Music Awards in 1998. The accolades and applause have kept coming, for both the voice and heartfelt songs that reflect her love of te reo and strong social conscience.

Now Maisey has another four original albums to add to her name, all of which have received accolades in the NZTop40 album charts and at music awards around the country. Her songs are filled with touching tales and the universal emotions of hardship, happiness, love, justice and sorrow we can all relate to.

Maisey has toured the world sharing her music, Māori culture and stories with thousands in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, UK, Europe, America and China. Performances have put her on stage with many renowned artists such as India Arie, Grammy Winner George Kahumoku Jr., Dave Dobbyn, Stan Walker and many more. She has also opened for multi-Grammy winners The Blind Boys of Alabama and John Legend.

Maisey’s music has featured on movies and TV series and she has also written songs for several TV placements. In 2017 Maisey played a very important role for the opening of Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay theme park in Orlando, Florida.

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Composed (46)


Acoustic, soul, 3m 29s


for vocals and guitar, 4m 20s

Children of Romania

for vocals, guitar and virtual strings, 3m 24s

Ding Dong

Pop, 2m 55s


live band, 4m 55s

Game of Life

for vocals, guitar and percussion, 3m 15s


live band, 2m 53s


vocals, virtual instruments, 4m 2s

Inoi Mō Mātou

for women's choir with soloists and cello, 3m 44s

Ka Hura

vocals, taonga puoro, live band, 5m 40s

Karakia Whakakapi

vocals and guitar, 1m 25s

Karanga Ake Au

choir, live band, 4m 43s

Ladeda Day

vocals, live band, 2m 50s

Letting Go

vocals, live band, 3m 9s

Matariki i te pō

vocals, virtual instruments, 4m 7s

Musical Pillow, Musical Bed

live band, 3m 23s


R&B, 3m 33s


vocals, clarinet, piano, 3m 41s


vocals, Hawaiian guitar, percussion, 2m 49s


vocals, live band, 3m 31s


taonga puoro, vocals, virtual instruments, 5m 35s


vocals, guitar, bass, marimba, percussion, 3m 39s

Pūmau Tonu

vocals, live band, 2m 36s


vocals, virtual instruments, 3m 59s

Repeat Offender

vocals, guitar, percussion, 3m 17s


vocals, guitar, strings, 4m 18s

Scouting Polka

vocals, clarinet, accordion, 55s

Sink or Swim

vocals, virtual instruments, 3m 18s

T'ariki Tama O Mere

vocals, live band, 4m 19s

Taku Inoi

vocals, live band, 5m 21s

Taku Mana

vocals, live band, 4m 40s

Tangaroa Whakamautai

vocals, live band, strings, 4m 26s

Tapu Te Pō

vocals and guitar, 4m 46s

Te Hautapu

2m 42s

Waitī Waitā

3m 29s

Whakaaria Mai

4m 33s

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