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Maisey Rika

Composer, Māori Composer, Performer


Ngāti Awa, Tūhoe, Te Arawa and Te Whānau-ā-Apanui

Maisey Rika’s Biography Last Updated: 2/09/2022, 11:10 am Discipline: Music Awards: Arts Foundation Laureate 2021 Iwi: Ngati Awa, Te Arawa, Ngai Tuhoe, Te Whānau a Apanui Highlight: Maisey Rika is a multi-award winning artist known for her honest, thought-provoking mediations on life and Māori culture. "Maisey's songs are expressions of a world view that is anchored in and of te ao Māori, and full of the principles and values that define her perspective as an artist; Whānau, Kaitiakitanga, Aroha, Rangatiratanga, Tukuihotanga to name but a few. She’s an outstanding artist, and a generous advocate" - 2021 Selection Panel

2021 Arts Foundation Laureate receiving the Jillian Friedlander Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa award

Maisey Rika is a contemporary Māori composer and singer. After growing up singing with her mother and aunties, Rika officially began her musical career at age 13. Her first recording, E Hine (1997) – a collection of Māori traditional songs recorded with her school choir, Hato Hohepa (St Joseph’s Māori Girls College) where she was lead soloist – went double platinum, also winning the Mana Reo, Best Māori Language Album at the 1998 New Zealand Music Awards where Rika was also nominated for Best Female Vocalist at just 15 years old.

Since then, Rika has produced five acclaimed original albums, all of which have all reached NZ’s Top 40 Album Chart and received numerous music awards. Her first of these was a self-titled E.P Maisey Rika (2008), then Tohu (2009), followed by Whitiora (2012), Tira (2016) and Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea (2020), an album created during Aotearoa’s time in lockdown due to Covid-19. Her vision for the album was to create a new resource depicting the ancient and sacred stories of The 9 Stars of Matariki according to Māori. To complete the album, Rika called upon 10 of Aotearoa’s finest music producers to bring each waiata to life. Her waiata Hiwa-i-te-rangi is a Top 20 finalist for the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award alongside her waiata Waitī Waitā, which is a Top 5 finalist for the APRA Maioha Award. The awards take place in October 2021.

Widely regarded as a national treasure, Rika has toured extensively internationally and shared stages with Grammy Award winners such as India Arie, John Legend, Blind Boys of Alabama and George Kahumoku Jr. Closer to home, she has played with a whose-who of contemporary musicians, and has inspired many local artists such as Stan Walker, Teeks and Rob Ruha. Her soulful and elegant style traverses a musical palette of Te Reo, folk, acoustic, soul and easy listening, bringing her international stardom that is deeply grounded in Aotearoa.

Rika was born and raised in the Bay of Plenty Te Moana-a-Toi, where she currently lives with her whānau.

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Composed (57)


Acoustic, soul, 3m 29s


Pop, 2m 51s


Acoustic, 4m 20s

Children of Romania

World Music, 3m 24s

Ding Dong

Pop, 2m 55s


Pop, 4m 55s

Find You

Pop, Taonga Puoro, 5m 33s

Game of Life

Acoustic, 3m 15s


Te Reo, Soul, 2m 53s


Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, Soul, 4m 23s

Hinamarama (Karakia)

Taonga Puoro, Karakia, Te Reo Māori,, 1m 33s


Te Reo, English, World Music, 4m 2s

Inoi Mō Mātou

for women's choir with soloists and cello, 3m 44s

Ka Hura

Te Reo, Taonga Puoro, World Music, 5m 40s

Karakia Whakakapi

Te Reo, Acoustic, 1m 25s

Karanga Ake Au

Te Reo, choir, live band, 4m 43s


Te Reo Māori, Soul, Hip Hop, 3m 45s

Ladeda Day

Pop, 3m

Letting Go

Pop, 3m 9s

Matariki i te pō

Te Reo, Soul, Folk, 4m 7s

Musical Pillow, Musical Bed

easy listening, 3m 23s


R&B, 3m 33s

Ngā Wai ō Roto

Te Reo Māori, Reggae, Soul, 4m 12s


Te Reo, English, Soul, 3m 41s

Noho Ngāwari Noa

Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, Soul, 4m 11s


Te Reo, World Music, 2m 49s


Te Reo, World Music, 3m 31s


Te Reo, Taonga Puoro, World Music, 5m 35s


Te Reo, World Music, Soul, 3m 39s

Pūmau Tonu

Te Reo, World Music, 2m 36s


Soul, 3m 59s

Repeat Offender

World Music, 3m 17s


Te Reo, World Music, 4m 18s

Scouting Polka

World Music, Acoustic, Folk, 55s

Sink or Swim

Soul, World Music, 3m 18s

T'ariki Tama O Mere

Te Reo, World Music, 4m 19s

Taku Inoi

Te Reo, World Music, 5m 21s

Taku Mana

Te Reo, World Music, 4m 40s


Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, English, Rap, Hip Hop, 4m 15s

Tangaroa Whakamautai

Te Reo, World Music, 4m 26s

Tapu Te Pō

Te Reo, English, Acoustic, 4m 46s

Te Aroha

Te Reo, Soul, 3m 40s

Te Hautapu

Te Reo, Soul, 2m 42s

Te Karanga a Tui

Te Reo, World Music, 4m 53s

Te Matapiko

Te Reo, English, Acoustic, Soul, 1m 2s

Te Paewai o te Rangi

Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, Soul, 3m 37s

Te Ruatekau-mā-waru

Te Reo, World Music, 4m

Te Waka o Rangi

Te Reo, Soul, 4m 22s

That Room

Soul, 3m 22s

Tipuānuku Tipuārangi

Te Reo, World Music, 3m 3s


Te Reo, World Music, Soul, 3m 54s

Tūpurupuru (Karakia)

Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, Karakia, 55s


Soul, World Music, 3m 39s

Waitī Waitā

Te Reo, World Music, Soul, 3m 29s

Whakaaria Mai

Te Reo, World Music, 4m 33s


Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, Soul, Pop, Rap, 3m 55s


Te Reo, World Music, 4m 21s

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