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Leilani Aaron Woodmore


Born: 2007


Leilani Aaron Woodmore started singing in choirs when she was six at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul and has sung there ever since. The choirs there have given her the opportunity to sing a wide range of repertoire, from Gregorian Chants to jazz masses composed for the choir. This sound world has been a huge influence on her growth and development as a musician.

Leilani has also been learning piano with her piano teacher, Julie Coulson, since she was 10. Julie has introduced her not only to piano repertoire, but taught her how to analyse pieces, about the conventions of music in each period and how this influences the performance. Improvisation and composition have also been a fundamental part of Leilani's musical identity, however, they are much more recently only really come to flourish around 2020. These are the media she finds herself expressing as a person through music.