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Ben Wilcock

Composer, Performer, Jazz Composer


Originally from Hamilton but rolling around the hoods and hangouts of the capital metropolis since 1999, pianist Ben Wilcock has been a regular on the jazz scene performing in bars, clubs and venues all across Aotearoa.

After an excursion to the UK (2003-08) Ben returned to find employment with NZ soul sensation Bella Kalolo, Aaradnha and Louis Baker. His piano trio The Jelly Rolls released their debut album Sneaky Weasel, not only available online but futuristically in the form of a USB credit card as well.

Ben can be heard playing solo piano, in blues bands and in any situation where jazz is needed.

He was also pianist for Indian Ink in the production The Pickle King, and is an artist teacher at the New Zealand School of Music.

Composed (4)

Ben's Bounce

for small jazz ensemble

El Vigilante

for small jazz ensemble

Halley's Comet

for small jazz ensemble

Sneaky Weasel

for small jazz ensemble

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