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Dion Workman


Born: 1972


Born in New Zealand in 1972, Dion Workman is a New York based composer of experimental electronic music. He has created highly complex and detailed compositions that explore the very outer fringes of music and audible phenomena. Workman's release Ching (Antiopic, 2003) has been described as "an exemplar of aggressive digital minimalism" and was awarded the 2003 Max Brand Prize for innovation in electronic and electro-acoustic music. As well as composing computer music Workman is also a writer and active promoter of new music. His critical essays on the social context of music have appeared in the new music journal New No York and most recently as part of the Antiopic label's 'Allegorical Power Series.' In 1998 Workman founded Sigma Editions with Rosy Parlane, a label dedicated to releasing new experimental music.

Selected discography: 2003 Dion Workman, Ching. CD (Antiopic, New York) 2000 Dion Workman/Rohan Thomas, K. CD (Sigma Editions, New York) 1998 Parmenter (Dion Workman/Rosy Parlane), Luxsound. CD (Sigma Editions, New York) 1996 Thela (Dion Workman/Rosy Parlane/Dean Roberts), Argentina. CD (Ecstatic Peace, Boston) 1994 Thela (Dion Workman/Dean Roberts), untitled. 12" (self-released, Auckland)

Compilations: 2002 Dion Workman, For I.X. Strewth. CD (Synaesthesia, Melbourne) Dion Workman, 07.00. Circle 0. CD (Fylkingen, Stockholm) Dion Workman, 06.00. Bananafish 16. CD/Magazine (Bananafish, San Francisco) 1998 Parmenter (Dion Workman/Rosy Parlane), One/Four. Fit For Kings. CD (Drunken Fish, San Francisco) 1996 Thela (Dion Workman/Rosy Parlane/Dean Roberts), Watch Out! The Fucking Hot Jet. Le Jazz Non. CD (Corpus Hermeticum, Christchurch)

Selected bibliography: 2003 Free Music, Literally. Allegorical Power Series, August 2003. Antiopic, New York Anti-Music. New No York, Issue 3, March 2003, New York 1997 Pages From the Artists Notebook, Pavement, Issue 21, Feb/March 1997, Auckland

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electroacoustic, 21m