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Blue Work


for percussion quartet

Year:  2008   ·  Duration:  7m
Instrumentation:  four pieces of aluminium pipe

Year:  2008
Duration:  7m
Instrumentation  four pieces of aluminium pipe

Gareth Farr

Composer:   Gareth Farr


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The composer writes:

'The first impulse when commissioned to write a piece for STRIKE is to to write a show off bravura piece for as many different percussion instruments as you can get your hands on - so this time I decided to make it for the fewest instruments I could get my hands on - and then they're not even real instruments.

Tubes uses four pieces of aluminium pipe, and draws on balinese interlocking techniques for some of its material. I particularly love the idea of creating interesting sounds with junk - the concept that you can create beautiful music with stuff that isn't worth anything, financially speaking. Despite the simplicity of the concept, the piece is incredibly difficult to play - all four players have to play as if they were one person.'

Commissioned note

Commissioned by STRIKE

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