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Chris Cree Brown

Composer, Publisher

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Born: 1953


Chris Cree Brown is an Associate Professor at the School of Music, University of Canterbury. He has very diverse interests that include: conventional instrumental composition, electroacoustic and computer music, and inter-media art.

He has twice been awarded the Mozart Fellowship at the University of Otago, has twice been appointed Composer-in-Schools and has written a number of film scores.

Along with Icescape, for orchestra, is an electro-acoustic work, Under Erebus that were a result of his trip to Antarctica under the Artists to Antarctica programme run under the auspices of Antarctic New Zealand and with the assistance of Creative New Zealand.

Memories Apart (2002), Icescape (2003), Remote Presence (2008) and Viola Concerto (2016) were finalist compositions in the SOUNZ Contemporary Award, and he won the Award with Inner Bellow for Clarinet and Fixed Media in 2010.

Chris has written two major works about Gallipoli: a radiophonic work titled Pilgrimage to Gallipoli (2009) and Gallipoli Fragments for Piano Trio, Fixed Media and Images (2015).

He has a strong interest in musical sculptures, and his Aeolian harps were exhibited in 2002 in the Christchurch Botanical gardens as part of the Art and Industry Scape Biennale. He has also been involved with the SoundDome sonic arts organisation.

Chris was awarded the KBB/CANZ citation for services to New Zealand Music in 2010. In 2015 his piece Sound Barrel for euphonium and electronics was selected for performance at the ISCM World Music Days.

His work has been performed in many countries, including Australia, England, Finland, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, United States of America.

Composed (116)


an electroacoustic soundscape (tape-loop) to go with photographs


an installation work involving electro-acoustic music

A Black Painting

an electroacoustic soundscape

A Frame of Mind

electriacoustic music score for film

A Gallery of Cats

for magnetic tape, 12m

A Piece

for piano

A Primitive Pathos (2)

music theatre for solo double bass

A Video/performance Work

electroacoustic music to go with a video/performance work by Mike Sulkowski

Aeolian Harp

a design for a giant music sculpture

Aeolian Harp Sounds

electroacoustic, 7m

Aeolian Harps

exhibition of two Aeolian Harps at the Auckland City Art Gallery


electroacoustic film score for film of same name


music theatre for school group


music theatre for choir (22 voices), two musicians and soloist, 20m

An Island Eaten By Rats

electroacoustic music for film


electroacoustic work


an installation work involving electroacoustic music


electroacoustic music for dance

Black and White

for orchestra and tape, 14m

Blue for a Girl

electroacoustic music for film

Boulder Bank

a performance work, 5h

Branches from the Wishing Tree

electroacoustic music to accompany sculpture exhibition

Celestial Bodies

for orchestra, electro-acoustic sounds and images, 25m


sound installation, 10m


electroacoustic music for film

Construction, Connundrum, Con Moto

music theatre for 5 musicians

Crayfish Coast

electroacoustic music for film


an electroacoustic work based on a phoneic poem by Cilla McQueen

Dance I

electronic music for dance, 7m

Deep Music

for contrabassoon, tuba, double bass, piano, cymbal and conductor


for solo amplified cello, 7m

El Nino

for solo piano, 5m

Epitaph on a Tyrant

for solo soprano and choir

Exercise I

for magnetic tape

Forgotten Memories

for viola and orchestra, 10m

Hidden Bellow

for flute, 2 saxophonists and piano


for unaccompanied SATB choir, 3m


for orchestra, 8m

In Motion

electroacoustic music for video

In Real Time

a performance work with John Cousins and Colleen Anstey

In Sympathy

music-theatre-sculpture for solo trumpet, 7m

In Watermelon Days

for orchestra, 11m

Inner Bellow

for clarinet and tape

Inner Bellow arr. by Disasteradio & Jim Langabeer

Disasteradio & Jim Langabeer's arrangement for the 2010 Silver Scroll Awards

Iron Pebbles and Gold Dust

electroacoustic work, 12m

Islands Apart

electroacoustic music for film

Jurassic pond

for piano


for flute, clarinet, violin, harpsichord and 2 pianists


electroacoustic music for video

La Nina

for solo piano


electroacoustic film score for film of same name directed by John Hyde

Memories Apart

for chamber ensemble, 12m


for large chamber ensemble

Music for a Birth

electroacoustic music to celebrate a birth

Music for a Wedding I

electroacoustic music to celebrate a wedding

Music for a Wedding II

electroacoustic music to celebrate another wedding

Music for Limbs

electroacoustic music for dance

No Ordinary Sun

for eight-channel fixed media

On Vision

electroacoustic film score for film

Open Country

electroacoustic score for film

Oxford Theme

For voice and piano; composed as theme music for a TV special, 5m

Palimpsest (after Marais)

for violin and piano

Palimpsest (after Marais)

for flute and piano


for school orchestra


for string orchestra and vibraphone


for piano, prepared tape and live electronics

Piece for Anzart

a performance sculpture work, 1h

Piece for Eighteen Strings

for string orchestra

Piece for Flute and Guitar

for flute and guitar

Piece for Solo Violin

for solo violin, 10m

Pilgrimage to Gallipoli

a Radiophonic work, 1h 25m


music theatre for solo voice, 8m

Remote Presence

for solo piano

Seasonal Rounds

four rounds for school voices, 2m


for clarinet, violin, 2 violas, double bass and piano accordion

Sound Barrel

for euphonium and fixed media electronics

Sound Cylinders

for flute and tape, 9m


for orchestra


This work for two guitars was commissioned by the New Zealand Guitar Duo

Stalagmite Music

for guitar

Still Life

for harp and guitar

Still Reverie

for flute and organ


for magnetic tape

Study I

for magnetic tape

Study II

for magnetic tape

Study III

for magnetic tape

Sun Festival Sculpture

sound installation (musical sculpture on a raft)

The Clothesline

tape music for play

The Evening Post

music theatre for 10 soloists and (150+) choir

The Jade Tendrill


The neap tides

for orchestra

The Solitude of the Ice

for alto flute (or wooden flute in C), treble recorder (doubling bass recorder) and cello

The Triumvirate

for piano trio

The Watertable

for flute (alto and bass) and tape, 9m

Three Pieces for String Quartet

for string quartet, 13m

Towards a Composition

for classroom instruments

Tuning the Harp

for mixed chamber octet

Two Maui Legends

music drama for Intermediate school children

Under Erebus

electroacoustic work, 15m

Waiting for Godot

for 2 horns, piano and string orchestra

Walk New Zealand

electroacoustic music for film

We need the System

music theatre work for four percussionists

Wild Iron

for school choir and corrugated iron

Willow Dance

an electroacoustic soundscape


an electroacoustic work which uses aeolian harps sounds

Y2K Pacemaker

fanfare for orchestra, 3m