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Philip Brownlee (b. 1971) is a composer and sound artist, based in Wellington, New Zealand. In 2008 he received the degree of PhD in Composition from Victoria University of Wellington. This was based on research into the structural role of timbre, through his own compositional practice with instrumental and electroacoustic resources. Between 1999 and 2003 he was a member of Amalgam, a collective which presented a series of cross-disciplinary performance pieces in Wellington. These performances incorporated predetermined musical materials with free improvisation, and elements of theatre, dance and video art. Their 2000 production Meatworks was voted Best Music Show in that year’s Wellington Fringe Festival.

As a composer of concert music, he has worked with many of New Zealand’s leading contemporary music performers, including Stroma, 175 East, Bridget Douglas, Richard Nunns, Robert Ibell, Johnny Chang, and Dylan Lardelli. He was a finalist for the SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2001 for his work Sinew/Synapse for solo cello. His works have also been performed at a number of international festivals. In October 2009 he attended the World Music Days festival at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, as part of a delegation of Māori and Pacific musicians and scholars. In that festival he presented He rimu pae noa, a work for taonga pūoro and ensemble, with Richard Nunns and Horomona Horo, and an ensemble of the Conservatory’s students.

Recent premières include Gracious numbers decayed for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (2013), Night Countdown for soprano voice and bass recorder (2014) commissioned by Rowena Simpson and Kamala Bain, Stolen Time for recorder and dulcian (2014), and Ko te tātai whetū a concerto for taonga pūoro and orchestra written in collaboration with Ariana Tikao (2015).

Source: February 2017.

Selected Works

Canzona per sonare: Degraded Echoes for recorder (Ganassi soprano) and string quartet  
Cat, Dog, Pie electroacoustic work  
Harakeke for solo flute  
Pariwhero for violin and piano  
Sinew/Synapse for solo cello  
Sparks Among the Geysers for chamber nonet  
Te Hau o Tawhirimatea for flute and taonga puoro  
The stars like years for clarinet quartet  
Written on the Wind, and Running Water for string quartet  


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