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Organ Concerto - 'With water white is the great tree wet'

for organ and full orchestra

Year:  2022   ·  Duration:  28m
Instrumentation:  pic. 2 fl. 2 ob, c.a., 2 cl in Bb, bass cl, 2 bsn, c.bsn, 4 hns in F, 3 tpts in C, 2 ten trb, bass trb, tba, timps, 2 percussion: anvil, sd, bd, clshd cym, sus cym, tam tam, tamb, tgl, vibraphone, (piano), harp, strings

Year:  2022
Duration:  28m
Instrumentation  pic. 2 fl. 2 ob, c.a., 2 cl...

Colin Decio

Composer:   Colin Decio

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Musically, the earth begins to stir with the lowest pedal notes of the organ. Slowly the sap rises up the tree trunk. A distant whale is heard in the ocean depths. Glissandi on most instruments describes the ascending sap, with clusters of notes describing leaves and berries. Suddenly the tree is revealed as the organ declares its presence. The Gjallrhorn calls, then begins a Joik, a spiritual song sung here by the organ and then joined by the orchestra. After much merriment the music takes a darker turn - 'One did I see in the wet woods bound'. The organ surges menacingly attempting to reassert its glory. A beautiful lament leads us back into an earlier theme based on bouncing thirds. An anvil is heard representing the dwarves of the earth. The orchestra echoes the hammering then suddenly erupts with life as the whole orchestra plays tutti. This heralds a return to the Joik, which keeps stalling. Old age creeps in on wind echoed by the brass and in turn the organ. The organ reappears in the sunlight and the Joik, a celebration of life, dances us to the finale - Ygrdrassil, The Great Tree of Life is alive and thriving.