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for orchestra

  ·  Duration:  4m 30s

Duration:  4m 30s

Ryan Youens

Composer:   Ryan Youens

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Ryan Youens: Munro — VIDEO

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‘Munro’ is inspired by motorcycle racer Burt Munro. Ryan writes tht Munro is, “a Kiwi icon who achieved something extraordinary, and putting his ingenuity, determination, optimism and Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude to music intrigued me greatly. Musically, there is a relentless energy and a mechanical drive, with short rhythmic ideas constantly recurring, often interrupted by a strong jolt, but always returning. Metallic percussion plays a steady role as ideas establish but then often surprisingly move in different directions, as if the thought ‘Ah bugger, scrap that idea, I’ve got a better one’ came along. As the piece draws to a close, there is finally a sense of cohesion, satisfaction and accomplishment.