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We Long For An Adventure

for orchestra

Year:  2022   ·  Duration:  4m
Instrumentation:  3(pic)222 / 4331 / timp.2perc / harp / full strings

Year:  2022
Duration:  4m
Instrumentation  3(pic)222 / 4331 / timp.2pe...

Sai Natarajan

Composer:   Sai Natarajan

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As a child, I enjoyed a variety of different books and films while growing up, and in addition to deeply immersing myself within those stories, I would often dream up imaginary realities in which I could spend time adventuring with my favourite characters. We Long For An Adventure is a short colourful orchestral work which portrays the whimsical and innocent nature of those little fantasies. It captures that nostalgic, almost-childlike feeling of enjoying a story so much that one desires nothing more than to inhabit its world and journey alongside the characters within. Many stories have had that effect on me over the years, and I'm sure you'll be able to say the same.

This piece was composed for the 2022 Todd Young Composers Award, and was selected as a finalist.