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Hermetic Bagatelles

for clarinet and piano

Year:  2015

Year:  2015

Composer:   Martin Lodge

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Martin Lodge: Hermetic Baga...

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Hermetic Bagatelles are whimsical short pieces intended to pleasantly puzzle those keen on uncovering their musical secrets. Written for visiting Russian/French clarinettist Andrei Freidine and New Zealand/French keyboardist Christopher Hainsworth, the first piece is based on four notes, D-G-L-C, the initials of Douglas Lilburn, with an additional C marking 2015 as the older composer’s centenary.

The second is more true to the tradition of Hermes, the god of messages but also the god of secrets. In a nice coincidence for me, Hermes is often depicted holding a caduceus, the winged staff with two snakes coiled around it, symbolising the medical profession. The only information provided for Hermetic Bagatelle 2 is the subtitle ‘s.p.’ (note by the composer).