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Chahar Mezrab

Guitar, Jazz

  ·  Duration:  5m 50s

Duration:  5m 50s

Nikau Wi Neera

Composer:   Nikau Wi Neera

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Nikau Wi Neera | Chahar Mez...

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Čahārmeżrāb is a genre of Persian classical music. The name refers to four repeated strokes of the plectrum against the strings of the instrument, usually a santūr, tār or setār. Often in compound time, with the traditional rhythm being 6/16, Čahārmeżrāb music carries an irresistible forward drive and hypnotic timbre, ornamented by metallic drones and virtuosic flourishes.

This piece takes fragments from a Čahārmeżrāb performance and uses them to construct a vivacious jazz trio, blending Western counterpoint with the rhythms and modes of Perisa. The piano uses several techniques to evoke the timbre of the santūr, including octave doubling, frequent use of mordent ornamentation, and considered pedal to suggest the resonance of the subject.

The form and structure of the piece is in part inspired by the work of Tigran Hamasyan, an Armenian composer famous for mixing traditional Armenian music with jazz, progressive metal and djent. The melodic fragments of the performance were transcribed from a performance by Faromarz Payvar, recorded by Bruno Nettl in 1969.

Dedicated to Mo of mHz.


Piano - Akash Dutta (Kelburn Collective) Electric Bass - Nīkau Wi Neera Drumkit - Nathan Carter (Alternat)

Recorded live in the Adam Concert Room, Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music.