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Triptych for Two

for violin and percussion

Year:  2018

Year:  2018

Composer:   Simon Eastwood

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Triptych for Two was written for violinist Monique Lapins and percussionist Naoto Segawa. The work is an exploration of rhythm by a composer perhaps better known for his treatment of sustained textures.

The composer writes, "Triptych for Two was written as an abstract study in rhythm and musical time. The first movement explores conflicting pulse streams, with each part of the music emerging from a simple cell and developing according to its own logic. The second movement, on the other hand, has a more regular pulse and develops a long arc of tension and release over the course of the movement with a simple drone. The third movement works with larger blocks of sound, which are cut up and then spliced together to create a dynamic interplay between the two instruments. It briefly restates musical material from the previous two movements, ending the set with a fiery and energetic flourish."

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Three movements