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Stolen Time

for recorder and dulcian

Year:  2014 Instrumentation:  Ganassi alto recorder in G, bass dulcian

Year:  2014
Instrumentation  Ganassi alto recorder in G,...

Composer:   Philip Brownlee

Films, Audio & Samples

Philip Brownlee: Stolen Tim...

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Philip Brownlee: Stolen Tim...

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Sample Score

Sample: page 1 - 2 of each transposition

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This piece takes two historical instruments, the recorder and the bass dulcian, and detaches them from their familiar context. There are some oblique references to the instruments' usual repertoire, but the main focus is on forming relationships between their distinct sound palettes. The score offers the players considerable rhythmic freedom. The music alternates between sections of loosely synchronised counterpoint, and passages which invite the players into a guided improvisation, so that their spontaneous interactions form the musical foreground.

Dedication note

Dedicated to Kamala Bain and Ben Hoadley, who gave its first performance.

Performance history

14 May 2014: Performed by Kamala Bain (recorder) and Ben Hoadley (dulcian) at St Andrew's on the Terrace, in Wellington