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in the east, to the right...

for 4 sopranos, 2 altos, harp and 3 megaphones

Year:  2013   ·  Duration:  6m 30s
Instrumentation:  can be performed by a choir of sopranos and altos. Megaphone part is optional.

Year:  2013
Duration:  6m 30s
Instrumentation  can be performed by a choir...

Composer:   Helen Bowater

Films, Audio & Samples

Helen Bowater: in the east,...

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Helen Bowater: in the east,...

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Upbeat interview with Pepe ...

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humpty dumpty - a modern ecstasy

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
In the history of falls, this fall was appalling,
for Humpty kept falling and falling and falling.
"I had no idea," he exclaimed on his tumble,
"This wall was so tall—it makes me feel humble.
To create such a wall takes a giant brick surplus...
Just how did it get here? And what is its purpose?"
Days soon ticked by as Humpty descended,
his thoughts grew profound just as nature intended.
He solved first the riddle of Humpty eggs-istence,
intuited gravity without assistance.
He came up with many exotic equations.
He worked out a system for hyper-inflations.
He wrote a great novel then made orchestrations.
He solved all the problems of egg-egg relations.
From years of this falling his mind was enlightened.
In darkness and space-time, he brightened and brightened.
With a map or an app you can see him by night,
he's that bright twinkling star in the east, to the right...

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Baroque Voices (dir. Pepe Becker)

Contents note

a one movement setting of a witty poem by Andrew Caldwell

Text note

Text by Andrew Caldwell

Performance history