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Four Scenes

for mixed chamber ensemble

  ·  Duration:  9m
Instrumentation:  alto flute, bass clarinet, trumpet in B flat, trombone, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, guitar, harp and percussion (marimba, transistor radio, splash cymbal)

Duration:  9m
Instrumentation  alto flute, bass clarinet, ...

Composer:   Dylan Lardelli

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Dylan Lardelli: Four Scenes...

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The Japanese classical musical drama Noh with its austere gestures and usual delineation of time has provided me with the initial inspiration for this piece. Upon preparation for a Noh drama the performers never rehearse together. Each musician and actor prepares their individual part alone. This enables the eventual performance to not be controlled by a single performer but alternatively by the interactions of the whole ensemble. The representation of time in a Noh production frequently is non-linear with plot alternating between numerous different time frames.

Dylan Lardelli

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Stroma

Dedication note

for Stroma

Performance history

24 Sep 2008: Strange Loops