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Planet Damnation

for timpani and orchestra

Year:  2007 Instrumentation:  2(1)222(1); 4331; 3 perc (preferably 4): tubular bells, bass drum, 1 roto-tom (tuneable to D flat and E flat), thunder sheet, orchestral snare drum, piccolo snare drum, wind chimes (high pitch), tambourine, finger cymbal, suspended cymbal (played with mallets) triangle, marimba, piatti, vibraphone, tamtam; strs Solo timpani: 5 drums - highest fixed at 'c' - to be placed at front of stage

Year:  2007
Instrumentation  2(1)222(1); 4331; 3 perc (p...

Composer:   John Psathas

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John Psathas: Planet Damnat...

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Commissioned note

Commissioned by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Dedication note

Dedicated to Laurence Reese