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for baritone, female speaker and ensemble

Year:  2004 Instrumentation:  baritone (amplified), female speaker (voice), flute (doubling piccolo), trumpet in C, viola, cello, piano (amplified; doubling on "Fish" Guiro) using ribbon, superball mallet (should be a small superball on a barbecue stick), large superball Percussion: timpani (23", 28", 30"), crotales, suspended cymbal, sizzle cymbal, tam-tam, water gong, rainstick, also using a heavy coin such as a silver dollar, superball mallet

Year:  2004
Instrumentation  baritone (amplified), femal...

Composer:   Annea Lockwood

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Annea Lockwood: Luminescenc...

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Luminescence is a song cycle based on eight poems from Etel Adnan's Sea, and was commissioned by Thomas Buckner. It celebrates the three-way friendship of Etel, Tom and the composer, and our shared love of the Pacific Ocean, which influenced the first song: here, the phrase lengths match the timing of long Pacific waves which I recorded in New Zealand, some years ago.

Annea Lockwood

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Thomas Buckner

Dedication note

Dedicated to Etel Adnan and Thomas Buckner

Text note

Text by Etel Adnan, from "Sea"