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for cello and piano

Year:  2003   ·  Duration:  10m

Year:  2003
Duration:  10m

Composer:   Daniel Stabler

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Sample: Pages 4-7, 11-14 of 'Farewell'

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Farewell attempts to integrate a number of diverse musical influences ranging from traditional Māori through nineteenth century European to modern American jazz and South American tango. The body of the piece is melodic and harmonious, but is framed by abstract episodes. To achieve these abstract sounds, the Cello plays microtones and a few varieties of distortion effects, some sounding as birds. The piano is 'prepared' by inserting a small piece of foam rubber under the lowest octave of strings and also by having the player strum directly on the strings with either a piece of felt or a rubber piano tuner's mute. As the title suggests, Farewell includes elements of nostalgia, mystery, and pathos. The feelings one may have on saying good-bye to the present and viewing the future with a bit of apprehension. A time for re-evaluation.

Dedication note

Dedicated to James Tennant and Katherine Austin

Contents note

A rhapsody

Performance history

25 Sep 2005: Performed by James Tennant (cello), Katherine Austin (piano); Gallagher Concert Chamber, Hamilton

Performed by James Tenant and Katherine Austin

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