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Insect Suite

for piano

Year:  2001   ·  Duration:  7m

Year:  2001
Duration:  7m

Composer:   Jillian Bray

Films, Audio & Samples

Sample Score

Sample: Spiders, bars 21-29

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Sample Score

Sample: Gnats, bars 1-8

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Sample Score

Sample: Bugs, bars 1-4

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Sample Score

Sample: Fireflies, bars 4-11

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These four descriptive pieces are listed in Grade 8 of the St Cecilia Examination syllabus.

  1. Gnats – a ticklish number causing an irritating itch!
  2. Fireflies – flitting here and there. A precise but delicate touch is called for.
  3. Spiders – the spider seeks a good spot to spin his web, borne on the breeze as he works.
  4. Bugs – scuttle with purpose about their business.

Dedication note

Dedicated to Carolyn Hill

Contents note

4 movements:
1. Gnats
2. Fireflies
3. Spiders
4. Bugs