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for bass clarinet

Year:  1997   ·  Duration:  15m

Year:  1997
Duration:  15m

Composer:   James Gardner

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James Gardner: Rendering - ...

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James Gardner: Rendering — ...

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this piece starts twice at last
being something like a play with two acts
can double back once more

as computer graphic “objects” are generated by constructing a virtual framework which is then shaded and rendered to give different surface textures, so the abstract latticework of control points beneath the piece is fleshed out and filtered through the medium of a human playing a bass clarinet in real time
before your very ears
another rendering
the rift at the centre, a design fault, which once smoothed over remains unearthed
a wresting place


this piece starts twice
but once at this second rendering
doubles back again as at first

moments later

that initial act kept on correcting, repeating, amplifying itself, scarcely pausing for breath, while this second will be pitted with silence

being given at last the go ahead means it ends as it means to go on.

Rendering was commissioned by Andrew Uren (to whom it is dedicated) with funds provided by Creative New Zealand.

Commissioned note

By Andrew Uren with funds provided by Creative New Zealand

Dedication note

to Andrew Uren

Contents note

In two Acts.

Performance history

19 Oct 1997: Performed by Andrew Uren (175 East), at Artspace, Auckland.

09 Sep 2014: Performed by Richard Haynes at the School of Music in the university of Canterbury, in Christchurch.

Performed by Richard Haynes

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