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for flute

Year:  1995   ·  Duration:  10m

Year:  1995
Duration:  10m

John Elmsly

Composer:   John Elmsly

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John Elmsly: Partita - AUDIO

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'Prelude' is anticipatory: little flurries hint at the later pieces. 'Tongue and Groove' explores some rhythmic patterns, particularly those whose notes are in a 2:3 duration ratio, punctuated by fast double-tonguing noises. 'Light and Shade' and 'Wind-Sway' are gentle explorations of some of the more exotic colours in the flute's sound palette: fingerings with microtonal alterations, percussive effects, tongue blocks (which make percussive pops below the normal flute range), and harmonics. 'Air with Graces' combines a simple repetitively structured melody with the idea of using obsessive grace notes to create a parallel harmonic line. The final 'Incantation' begins and ends with chromatically descending tongue blocks which could be thought of as an imaginary ostinato to a ritualesque dance.

Of the six vignettes, the second, third and fourth pieces were later published separately as 'Three Doubles' in Little Dancings, a SOUNZ publication of music for flute.

Ingrid Culliford and John Elmsly performed together in various school and amateur orchestras when at school in Upper Hutt.

Movements may be performed separately or in other groupings. Please notify the composer of any performances.


Commissioned note

Commissioned by Ingrid Culliford

Ingrid Culliford

Contents note

In six movements:

  1. Prelude
  2. Tongue and Groove
  3. Light and Shade
  4. Air with Graces
  5. Wind-Sway
  6. Incantation

Performance history

11 Aug 1995: Performed by Ingrid Culliford (flute)