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SOUNZ Virtual Concert

Five composers explore our perception and interaction with surfaces and textures. Celeste Oram strategically deprives musicians of certain senses in ‘Mirror and Echo’, the music resulting from their reactions to gestures and delayed auditory signals. Dylan Lardelli’s ‘Musical Box’ and Simon Eastwood’s ‘Ripple’ explore sustained textures, while Alex Taylor superimposes two string quartets in ‘a coincidence of surfaces (iii)’, two layers that can also be played as independent works.

Surfaces - SOUNZ virtual concert

Programme | Hōtaka

Celeste OramMirror and Echo
Performed by Charmian Keay (violin), Alex MacDonald (viola) and Samuel Girling (percussion)

Dylan Lardelli: Musical Box
Performed by Stroma: Dylan Lardelli (guitar), Alistair Fraser (pūmotomoto), Ingrid Bauer (harp) and Andrew Thomson (viola)

Eve de Castro-Robinson: whorl
Performed by Justin DeHart (percussion)

Alex Taylor: a coincidence of surfaces (iii)
Performed by the Enso String Quartet and the Aroha String Quartet

Simon EastwoodRipple
Performed by attendees at NZSM’s Cellophonia 2018

Approximate running time | Te roa: 40 minutes