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Peter Hobbs | Luminescence — downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Peter Hobbs | Luminescence — downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2023



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Luminescence documents Peter Hobbs’ exploration of both synthesis and the natural world. Most of the works were improvised from melodic and rhythmic seeds, while others were spontaneously written on location in the wild.

"Connecting more with nature, through listening and everything else we do encourages us to experience ourselves as a part of nature and not a separate other. Being more conscious of this intrinsic connection can only help us on our crucial journey to become better ancestors and guardians."

"Luminescence — the emission of light produced by methods other than heat — is used as a metaphor in this album for the energy we use to connect with each other and the world around us. Like a mycelial web, we radiate from our solo existences to connect to the wider world."

Track listing:

  1. Whakatipu
  2. Luminescence
  3. Marama
  4. Triangulator
  5. Recalibration 2
  6. Ihumātao

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